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Idle Heroes Reddit: here are the best links to Idle Heroes on Reddit

There are a number of different reasons why Idle Heroes is so addictive, but the main reason is the game's seamless integration.
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Idle Heroes Reddit intro: If you haven’t heard yet, the most addictive game of the moment has arrived. And it’s an idle game! We’re talking about Idle Heroes — which is a relatively new mobile game that lets players build amazing teams by swiping through heroes in a simple tap-based battle system. Think Game of War meets Clash Royale, but with a much more addictive element to it; because you don’t need to pay to win.

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A new game is taking the mobile gaming world by storm.

A new game called Idle Heroes is taking the mobile gaming world by storm. The game is a huge success in Asia, but it’s also taking off in the United States and Europe. It’s a simple game that’s easy to pick up and play, and the gameplay is addictive.Just to mix it up a bit, here’s another game from Wotopus, the developer that brought us Wipeout Unlimited, Spelunker Heroes, and many more games that are addicting and competitive.

The Idle Heroes Reddit link: I saw the announcement of this game on Reddit and was instantly excited because I love idle games — the type of games where you don’t need to worry about energy or being in a multiplayer session. And guess what? It’s free to play.

Earning Gold

Players can earn gold to purchase heroes and upgrade their teams. To win the game, you have to tap your team over the opponents’. If a player taps on their own hero, a special ability will activate, and whoever has the most points when the special ability wears off in the next turn wins.

Unlike Game of War where each player has two taps, in Idle Heroes players only have one tap at a time. That means players can have their entire team affected by a powerful ability in a single turn. It must be noted that the first tap players in this game use can be used for summoning. Once that tap is used, no tapping is allowed until another Tap Heroes is used, but players can still summon their heroes from their initial Tap Heroes.

This is what makes this game so addicting.

Why is Idle Heroes so addictive?

There are a number of different reasons why Idle Heroes is so addictive, but the main reason is the game’s seamless integration of a number of different types of game mechanics. A big part of making a game fun is making it challenging and rewarding.If the game isn’t timed, if it isn’t part of an ongoing saga, if the goal is supposed to be consumable, and if the game doesn’t have a clear objective, no matter what, then the game is not fun.

That’s what makes this game so hard to stop playing: even if the game has twenty other things going on at the same time as you play it, it still has to have a clear goal — or it will only be entertaining because you’re doing something else at the same time or maybe you’re doing it in this random manner that you can’t find a way to stop. And it’s exactly the kind of gameplay that gets you into a binge-like state of playing a game you love until you finish it — and then wanting to endlessly play what’s next.

With SO MANY amazing new mobile games being released every day, the only reason you’re not playing them is whatever excuses you’re using to keep playing other games. It’s perfectly acceptable, even expected, to play a new game, not commit to it, and have a snooze button placed on your lock screen so that future snoozes don’t disturb you.

What is the gameplay like?

A: The gameplay in Idle Heroes is very simple. All you have to do is to tap on the screen to collect gold and fight monsters. Then, use the gold to upgrade your heroes. You will get 3 idle heroes, and you will have to use gems to unlock other idle heroes. Each idle hero has their own traits, so you have to choose carefully.You can’t have all 7 heroes at the same time — no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to create an endless stream of heroes.

Or you can team up with other players. But it doesn’t only have to be 2 players; however, you, as a player, do need to gain enough experience points before your next match to unlock a new hero. And although the game is easy enough to pick up for a beginner like me, it has the basics down, and it’s a very sweet and simple gameplay experience.

The Idle Animations

Each idle hero has its own set of idle animations, and it’s simple but easy to know what they do. And these animations are what make this game a winner. Usually, idle animations in mobile games are very simple. They’re like walking, running, dodging, jumping, or just standing there by themselves. In idle heroes, the game mechanics make it challenging because you need to connect the player interactions with the idle idle animations. Otherwise, you are just going to lose.

These animations are truly some of the best I’ve ever seen in a mobile game. From the shifting of their weapons when their back is turned, to the movement of their fireballs, you could spend a whole day just watching these animations. It’s not only the gameplay that makes this game, but the depth, too. There are some idle heroes that only give an extra special attack on certain survival missions. So having the right hero for the moment is big.

Also, one of my favorite parts is when you and your friends have complete mastery of a certain team.

How do I make money in Idle Heroes?

If you want to make money in Idle Heroes, you need to make sure you’re optimizing your gameplay and buying the right Idle Heroes resources. You can do this by saving your gold coins and buying the right Idle Heroes resources for your account.For example, in Heroes of Might and Magic VIII: Fallen Lords, you start by collecting “dust” (obviously). You collect this dust by playing all the normal, playable heroes in the game. The problem that arises is that your opponents won’t play any heroes, meaning some of the heroes you have left over are now useless. Therefore, how can you spend your dust to fix that problem?

You can buy “guests” — idle heroes, which can be leveled up by being swiped through your heroes list for a set amount of time, thus allowing you to optimize your gameplay. This is especially handy because, at the moment, the game is extremely cheap, giving you hundreds of gold coins for only 100 dollars. You can also purchase “summons” (other idle heroes), which add even more gold to your coffers.

Guests and summons

Buying guests and summons is usually a much better long-term strategy than trying to just gear up your team. Because the drawback to all this grinding is that you will inevitably end up with a bunch of useless heroes if you aren’t spending your gold coins well.

This is where the game becomes addictive, because if you’re spending your money on optimization, you’re more likely to attract the right kind of guests and summons. That is, if you don’t pick the game up too fast! Honestly, I’ve only unlocked six of the fifteen playable heroes in the twenty-four hours I’ve been playing it. Not only that, but there are also plenty of games of similar genres for a fraction of the price.

And what better thing to end your idle game session with than a well-crafted team that you could all enjoy? Each character has three basic “augments”: Offense, Defense, and Utility.

How can I get a chest key to unlock chests?

Use the Chest Key to unlock the chest in the game Idle Heroes. The key is available in the Chest. Note: You can use the Chest Key in the chests on the left side of the screen. When you open a chest, you will win gold, equipment and other useful items.

Your idle heroes need your help!

Learn about idle heroes from the official site here and ensure you get a login to the game. It won’t be as easy as it looks.


Idle Heroes: what to spend gems on

Gems should be saved for events. Heroic Summon Scrolls, Casino Chips, and buying slots in Hero inventory are all worth it when you have enough gems to spend. Hero rerolls at the Tavern are always worth the cost as well. Gems should never be spent on themselves.

Most often, gems can be spent in events, especially those that are offering exclusive items. Even if you’re just maintaining a steady supply, however, you can find gems useful in a variety of ways. For example, you can use them to purchase special summon scrolls from the market, buy gold and space in Hero inventories in the Heroes’ Guild and Heroes’ Sanctuary (via marketplace), and even obtain Heroes by using gold from the market.

Idle Heroes: how to get 5 star

To gain the maximum benefit from the Guild Coin system, you’ll need to be in an active guild. Once you join one, your guild coins will find their way to you faster than you think. On top of that, your guild coins can purchase 5-star heroes that are exclusive to that server. The first reason is that it’s up to you and second you can choose which one you will get depending on the offers you see there.

How to play Idle Heroes on PC

  • Get the BlueStacks software package for free from the company’s website.
  • After installation, users must sign in to the Play Store to access the game. It can be found under the “Games” tab, or by searching for “Idle Heroes” in the search bar at the top-right of the screen.
  • Once installed, click on “Idle Heroes” in the “Games” tab to start playing.