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Gwent Reddit: these 7 great Reddit links will help you understand Gwent and the Witcher Game

Gwent Reddit: welcome to the enigmatic sandbox world of Gwent, which recalls an age when historical miniature games were a popular pastime.

Why you care: Gwent lives deep on Reddit

Gwent Reddit: a most unlikely candidate for board game success, among all the variety of other digital collectible card games out there, the enigmatic sandbox world of Gwent could be the first to re-imagine the genre as a video game.

“Whereas other digital CCG’s set themselves apart, Gwent actually borrows from a much older format.

In a time long before computers or networks, historical miniatures games were a popular pastime for young players to sit and play their favourite troops on tables in the drawing room.”

Breathing new life into historical miniatures

In addition to games like Twilight Struggle and Total War Battles, Gwent seeks to breathe new life into that old format by fusing it with the digital space.

Originally developed by CD Projekt Red (the creators of the immensely successful Witcher series) Gwent gives players a roster of 30 unique cards, which can be used to mix and match to build a custom deck.

Each card, or “Gwent card,” can be combined with other cards to create a unique suite of abilities.

And In a twist on traditional collectible card games, the collectible aspect of Gwent is instead a method of unlocking new cards, rather than an investment in an exclusive personalised deck.

Even if a player purchases every single one of Gwent’s one million+ cards, they will still be able to acquire new ones as they progress in the game.

Two pieces of character artwork can be used to create a custom character in Gwent.

Despite being a predominantly PC (gaming) game, Gwent also supports consoles and mobile devices.

Gwent decks and gameplay

Essentially free-to-play, Gwent’s gameplay is incredibly fast-paced and requires constant interaction from both the player and their opponents.

The implementation of unique collectable cards and deck-building mechanics is a winning formula.

In fact, it’s a feature Gwent has held onto since its release in 2013.

Even today, Gwent is regularly updated with new cards to keep its ever-changing online community engaged.

Much like Warframe, Gwent features one-on-one and team-based PvP gameplay.

Even in a digital environment, though, the novelty of a physical tabletop still resonates in Gwent.

Since its inception, the game has been played at high-profile events like the annual The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Interactive Art Exhibit in Poland.

At the 2015 International in Helsinki, attendees were reportedly asked to bring paper and pens to contribute to a digital diorama based on the game.

Gwent’s ability to transport a digital collectible card game to life on a table has earned it a loyal following.

It has also inspired multiple competitors to develop their own collectable card game inspired by Gwent.