Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy: This site ( uses cookies.

Cookies are tiny files that we store on your computer or device.

Cookies generally make the website work better, and also make your experience better.

Cookies can keep track of a user’s preferences, but also might provide (anonymized) tracking information to “third-party” applications; an example is Google Analytics.

With your permission, we will place cookies on your computer or device.

The use of cookies makes it possible to custom-tailor advertisements, to use geographic location information about our users, and to link devices (based on your data) on multiple devices.

All of these processes are meant to customize advertisements based on your individual profile so that they are as relevant as possible.

The cookies are also used to measure how advertisements are displayed, to gain insights, and to generate reports.

Types of cookies

There are two main types of cookies.

Session cookies are deleted from your computer at the moment you close your web browser.

Persistent cookies stay on your computer even after you have closed your web browser. ?

Cookies can be placed on your computer both by SuchWow and by third-parties (“third-party cookies”). SuchWow uses session cookies to track usage data for Google Analytics.

We use persistent cookies to check whether you are still logged in, and to prevent you from seeing too many pop-up ads.

For this latter reason, our advertisers also store third-party cookies on your device.

We cannot guarantee that you will not encounter third-party cookies from content that we link to.

Google Analytics

The usage data that receives via Google Analytics is used by the site’s editors to learn more about our visitors’ preferences.

In this process, you will never be personally identified.

You can read more about Google’s own privacy policies here.

Via Google Analytics, SuchWow receives reports about demographic categories and interest categories.

If you want to adjust your Google advertising or privacy settings, click here.

You can also use Google Analytics’ own opt-out tool here.

It may also be the case that advertisers place cookies on our website, to better tailor their products and services to your own needs.

Those cookies are also used to alert you to other articles on our website that may be of interest to you.

Data obtained from these cookies may also be used to display more relevant advertisements on third-party sites.

Rejecting cookies

You are ultimately in charge of your own data.

You can at any time refuse cookies by adjusting your browser settings.

Most browsers also allow you to see which cookies are stored on your device, and to delete unwanted cookies from your device. ?

For more details about the privacy policy of SuchWow, please click here.

If anything is unclear, please get in touch by e-mailing us at privacy [at] suchwow . net.