Can You Move Your Base in Palworld? – The Ultimate Relocation Guide

Scout a spot that ticks all your boxes for resources, safety, and convenience. Create a hub for adventures and a tranquil farm retreat. Choose the perfect location and gather resources for construction. Start small and expand while managing multiple bases efficiently.

Setting Up Your New Base in Palworld

When you’re ready to move, your first task is to scout a new spot that ticks all your boxes for resources, safety, and convenience.

This isn’t just about dropping a structure; you’re creating a hub for your adventures and possibly a tranquil farm retreat.

Choosing the Perfect Location

Consider the surroundings: When looking for your new spot, think about the lay of the land.

Do you want a mountain view, or are you more of a beachfront person? Open your map and look for a place that not only looks good but also has strategic resources like wood and stone nearby.

And don’t forget, easy access to these materials is key for future building projects.

Gathering Resources for Construction

  • Wood & Stone: Your bread and butter for construction.

    Stock up!

  • Rare Materials: For those high-level upgrades, keep an eye out for rare gems.

Gone are the days where you’re caught without enough materials after exploring.

Keep a mental checklist and gather more than you think you’ll need.

Remember, building a new base requires a fair amount of resources, so it’s better to be overprepared.

Building and Upgrading Your Base

Start with the basics: a Palbox to mark your territory.

Once you’ve moved your base to this new location, you can start thinking bigger.

Building Hints:

  • Structures: Start small and expand as you collect more resources.
  • Upgrades: Aim for base level 10 for the best perks.

Farm Tips:

  • Plan It Out: Leave room for crops and pens.
  • Fence It In: Protect your farm from wandering creatures.

Keep your build focused.

Keep an eye on your resources, and expand when possible.

Happy building!

How can I relocate my base in Palworld if I want to play with friends in multiplayer mode?

To relocate your base in Palworld and play with friends in multiplayer mode, simply utilize the palworld multiplayer features.

Access the game settings and select the option to relocate your base.

Once this is done, you can invite your friends to join you in the immersive multiplayer experience.

Moving Between Bases

In Palworld, moving your base isn’t just picking up and relocating.

It’s about understanding the mechanics, using fast travel wisely, and managing your presence across multiple bases.

Understanding the Moving Mechanics

When you decide to move your base, you’ll engage with the game’s disassembly mode.

This allows you to dismantle structures and pack up for the move.

It’s crucial to note that disassembling is a careful process—each piece of your old base needs to be handled correctly to be re-established in your new home.

Leveraging Fast Travel for Efficiency

Once you’ve got the basics of moving down, it’s time to take advantage of fast travel.

This indispensable feature enables you to hop between different bases quickly.

Make sure you’ve set up a fast travel point at each base to seamlessly jump across the world map.

It’s a real game-changer for saving time when managing multiple bases.

Managing Multiple Bases

If you’re into farming, ranching, or just like to have options, maintaining multiple bases can be to your advantage.

You can dedicate different areas for specific activities and fast travel between them to oversee your operations.

Just remember, each base will need attention, from defense to resource production, so plan your move bases strategy around your gameplay style and goals.